Markets Overview

亚洲十大网赌,正规赌博十大app排名,十大博彩,网赌网站排名,赌博最正规网站平台,Today, the key economic data to look out for is the secondprint of U.S
first quarter GDP. Consensus expects a small0.2% pick-up from the dismal
0.7% advance print. Othernewsworthy releases from U.S include durable
and capitalgoods orders together with University of Michigan

    In data released this morning, South Korea’s consumerconfidence
index jumped to the highest level in three yearswith the election of
President Moon Jae-in on May 9 puttingan end to the political turmoil.
Expectation of fiscal stimulustargeting jobs creation also boosted
sentiment. The jump inthe consumer confidence index from 101.2 in April
to 108.0 inMay was the biggest monthly increase since August 2009.

    In Asia, focus will be on Singapore’s April industrial
production(IP) at 1 pm and the final print of Taiwan’s 1Q17 GDP at 4pm.
Singapore’s IP growth is expected to moderate to 6.0%y/y in April from
10.2% in March in line with a softer NODXdata released earlier. In
Taiwan, the final 1Q17 GDP growthis expected to be in line with the
prelim data indicatingexpansion of 2.56% y/y.

    China and Hong Kong will be on holiday the coming Mondayand Tuesday
while US will be on holiday Mon.


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